Holy Crimes & Night After the Revolution (DVD)

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Holy crimes by Reza Allameh Zadeh
Holy Crime, Night after the Revolution (video or DVD)
(Jenayate Moghadas va Shabe Bad az Enghelab)
جنایت مقدس - ساخته رضا علامه زاده
This rare and remarkable documentary film contains 3 segments as described below:
1- Holly Crime
A bold documentary by Reza Allameh-Zadeh which investigates the killing of opposition leaders such as
Ghasemloo and people such as Farokhzad, etc... outside of Iran! This video also documents political
assassination of opposition leaders in and out of Iran. Solman Roshdi's novel and other similar incidents
are covered in this amazing video.  
2- Night After the Revolution
A film by R. Allameh-Zadeh. Reviews the Ayandegan daily newspaper shutdown in the early days of the
revolution and discusses killings and torture of past and present writers, journalists, filmmakers, etc...
during the last 40 years in Iran.
3- Amnesty International's Report of  Human Rights in Iran
A shocking video filmed early 80's, depicting human right abuses inside Iran.  The film is from Amnesty
International reports about the condition of human rights inside Iran.
Runtime: 70 minutes
Type:  Political Documentary 
Language: Farsi with many segments in English
Picture quality:
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