Contemporary Persian Dances by Shahrzad # 1

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Classical Persian Dance performance by Shahrzad KhorsandiPeople of the wind
Performance DVD # 1: Contemporary Persian Ballet
By: Shahrzad Khorsandi
Artistic and Executive Director of Shahrza dance Academy
اجرای رقص های کلاسیک و باله ایرانی توسط شهرزاد خرسندی -

This DVD is a compilation of dances from live concerts. 70 minutes long. These dances  draws on a combination of movement styles, blending the mesmerizing fluidity of classical Persian dance with the conceptual complexity and dynamic quality of contemporary western dance

Born and raised in Iran, Shahrzad has been involved with Persian dance since childhood. She studied Dance and Performance Art at the California Institute of the Arts, and she holds a BA in Dance, as well as an MA in Creative Arts from San Francisco State University. Her dance training includes Modern, Jazz, Ballet, West African, Afro-Haitian, Flamenco, and Persian.

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Format: DVD
Runtime: 70 minutes
Type:  Persian Dance, Performance
Language: In English. Color
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