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Christ by Nader Talebzadeh, Story of Jesus Christ according to Islam
Jesus Christ Movie Made in Iran (DVD)
Masih - movie
Director: Nader Taleb zadeh
Actors: Ahmad Soleiman Nia, Fatali Oveisi, Vali Momeni, Morteza Zarabi
داستان زندگی پیامبر بزرگ خدا حضرت عیسی از دیدکاه قرآن و اسلام
این فیلم در برگیرنده دوران سه سال رسالت سراسر اعجاز و حکمت
عیسی مسیح (ع) آخرین فرستاده خدا بر بنی اسرائیل و بشیر پیامبر خاتم (ص) است
This epic film is about the last three years of the life of Jesus Christ from the Quranic and Islamic point of view.  Muslim according to verses in Quran do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God, as Christians believe, rather they consider Jesus as one of the most respected Prophet sent by God to humanity. Given the fact that the story of Jesus is such a sensitive subject among Christians and Muslims and even Jews, watching this film might help to start the communication between the followers of the two faith.  This film is in Farsi but has English subtitles.
Format:  DVD
Time: 2 hours
Type:  Family / Religious
Language: In Farsi with English subtitles
Picture quality: Great - Original DVD
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