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Benyamin Bahadori Music 4 CDs Boxset

Best of Benyamin Songs on 4 CDs (on sale)

The Most Memorable Songs
By:Benyamin Bahadori

4 CDs, Over 40 Songs, Only $24 

Benyamin Bahadori ( بنیامین بهادری‎‎) is an Iranian Pop singer, composer and songwriter from Tehran, Iran. His first album "85" released in 2006, was a massive commercial success within Iran and with the Iranian diaspora abroad. He is one of the most popular pop singers in Iran. Benyamin has released four studio albums and numerous singles so far. He also sang sound tracks for the Movies "Gorgo Mish".  He is a "Big Star of Iran" who has sold twenty million copies of his album at the beginning of his career. Although basically a pop singer, Benyamin often includes elements of hip hop (Biya Ashegham kon) and rap (Kojaye Donyai) into his music and some of the songs in his latest album "94" have English lyrics. Benyamin is also known as "Aghae Eshgh" or "Mr. Love" among his fans because his songs are mostly centered on romantic themes..

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What does this package include?  

CD # 1 - لکنت Loknat - (Released in 2006) His 1st album and many believe his best album. All songs on this CD are great to listen to. A perfect album.


CD # 2 - (Released in 2009) Benyamin's 2nd album, titled 88 has 10 tracks on it. Below is a sample songs from this CD:





CD # 3 - (Released in 2014) Benyamin released his 3rd album in 2014 with 12 new songs. 




CD # 4 - (Released in 2015)  Most recent album by Benyamin has 9 new songs on it. This album is titles, 94 which is the Iranian year of 1394 (2015)





Suggested Retail Price For All 4 CDs:  $49
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شادمانه شماره



 So, let's review what you will receive when you order this volume package.

1- CD # 1 - 1st Album by Benyamin - Retail value $12.95 
2- CD # 2 - 2nd Album by Benyamin- Retail value $12.95 
3- CD # 3 - 3rd Album by Benyamin - Retail value $12.95 
4- CD # 4 - 4th Album by Benyamin - Retail - $12.95 
5- Free Bonus CD, Party Time #6 - Value $12.95 


Total Retail Price For Above 5 CDs : $65

Your Cost, Only $24 (you'll save $41)


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