Behrouz Vosoughi Set #1 (7 DVD) - Old B/W films

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Best of behrouz Vosoughi movies on 7 DVDs

Best of  Behrooz Vosoughi's films on 7 DVDs  (Set # 1)

Undoubtdetly the most talented Iranian actor of Pre-revoulution Iran, Behrouz Vosough's
movies reflect the soul of the Iranian society in 1970s.  To save you money we have put together
2 sets of his films each containing 7 movies on 7 DVDs.  

A very nice collection for Fans of Behrooz Vosoughi
7 of the most memorable movies staring Behrooz Vosoughi:
- Sooteh Delan (in color)
- Fara az taleh 
- Reza Motori
- Deshneh
- Tangsir *
- Gheisar
- Sazesh

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Runtime: 7 Films
Format: 7 DVDs
Type:  Old Films of Iranian Cinema
Language: Farsi with no subtitles except for those indicated with a * 
Picture quality:
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