Arge Bam - A video documentary (DVD)

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Arge Bam (A video documentary)
The recnet tragic earthquake in Bam-Iran destroyed the ancient structure of Arge Bam
This video shows the glory of this amazing structure before its destruction.
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Arge Bam: 

Outside the crenellated walls, like most medieval fortresses, there is a wide moat and the area within the walls is over 200,000sq. meters, the outer walls are 8 meters high and five meters thick (at the base ) and the complex consists of five main parts:
1. The gatehouse, the bazaar the living quarter of the general populace, the mosque and little workshops.
2. The stables and houses of stablemen attending the horses, mules etc.
3. An artillery yard within a quadrangular double story building and a water well.
4. Living mansions, slightly superior to the earlier houses, presumably accommodating the trusted military and civil staff of the ruler and the main prison of the citadel .
5. Residence and headquarter of the ruler, known as chahar fasl (four seasons), hammam, a deep well and a watch tower.

As one enters the gatehouse at the south, one walks up a slightly sloped stone paved pathway through the old bazaar, from where a maze of twisting lanes lead to the remains of dwelling places, mosque, carvanserai and military barracks.One can proceed farther up steep and narrow stairways to the pinnacle of the fortress and eventually reach the strongly fortified headquarter of the ruler.

From the vantage position in the highest watchtower within the rulers precinct one can enjoy a panoramic view of the evergreen palm and citrus groves of Bam as well as the entire complex. One could have imagined that once upon a time there has been thriving hustle and jostle of people in the  bazaar, toing and froing in the public lanes, prostration of worshippers in the mosque, the stampede of the cavalry, the ever present multifarious display of man's greed and folly in the bazaar, dismounting of merchandise in the carvanserai, rapturous wooing of the young and the ever - vigilant guards walking up and down the raised platforms, behind the all but impregnable walls of Arg bam.

Runtime: 35 minutes
Type:  Documentary / cultural 
Language: In Farsi with no subtitles
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