Ardeshir Zahedi and the secrets of the revolution

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Ardeshir Zahedi and the secrets of the revolution
Interview with Ardeshir Zahedi (DVD)
Secrets of the Revolution
Ardeshir Zahedi (born October 16, 1928) was an important Iranian diplomat during the 1960s and 1970s, serving as the country's foreign minister and its ambassador to the United States and the United Kingdom.
He is the son of General Fazlollah Zahedi, who served as Prime Minister after the fall of Mohammed Mossadegh. He received a degree in Agriculture from Utah State University in 1950. Seven years later, he married the daughter of the Shah of Iran, Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi; the marriage ended in divorce in 1964.
In this rare interview, Mr. Zahedi for the 1st time talks about the life of Shah and the events leading to the 1979 revolution. A must see interview. Don't miss it. Order your copy now.
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Format:  DVD
Runtime: 107 minutes
Type:  Political Documentary
Language: In Farsi with English subtitles
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