Abu Ali Sina TV Series (3 DVDs)

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Abu ALi SIna TV Series
Abu Ali SIna - TV series (3 DVDs)
Zendegi Aboo Ali SIna
Director: Keyhan Rahgozar
Actors: Amin Tarokh, Firooz Behjat, Changiz Vosooghi, Saleh Najafi
سریال تلویزیونی ابوعلی سینا -  یر روی سه دی وی دی
This TV series comes on 3 original DVDs with great quality. It is about the life of famous Persian scientist and chemist Abu Ali Sina. Order it while it is on sale.
Format: 3 DVDs
Time: 6 hours
Type:  Family / TV series
Language: In Farsi with NO subtitles
Picture quality: Great - Original DVDs
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