10 Award Winner Movies w/English subtitles (10 DVDs)

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Award Winners Movies  - Volume Basket # 10
10 Award Winner Persian films with English subtitles on 10 DVDs for one low price
 مجموعه شماره ده- ده فيلم ممتاز با زيرنويس انگليسي و کيفيت مرغوب 
This set includes the following 10 films:
1- Men at work - Directed by Mani Haghighi - مردان مشغول کارند
2- Haji Washington - Directed by Ali Hatami - حاجی واشینگتن
3- Trap - Directed by Dariush Mehrjuei
4- Forbidden Chapter - Directed by Jafar Panahi 
5- Iron Island - Directed by Vahid Moosaeian
6- Under the Peach Tree - Directed by Reza Allameh 
7- Suitors - Directed by Parisa BakhtAvar
8- Twilight - Drama - Ezatollah Entezami
9- Wind Carpet - Directed by Kamal Tabrizi - فرش باد
10- Party - Directed by Saman Moghadam - پارتی
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Runtime:  10 DVDs
Type:  Award winners - Drama & Comedy
Language: Farsi with English subtitles
Picture quality: Great
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